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Beginning in May 2022, Trinity graduates who choose to continue their education at Asbury University will receive a fixed-rate tuition scholarship of $13,000 per year for four years.  

The Asbury Christian Education Partnership encourages students, teachers, and parents to achieve their educational goals in a Christian context through scholarships, dual credit, and dual enrollment opportunities.

Trinity Christian Academy Head of School, Peter Hansen, explained how this partnership will benefit Trinity’s students and community.

“Trinity Christian Academy is honored to partner with Asbury University to strengthen our mutual commitments to providing an holistic education that balances academic rigor with rich faith formation. This partnership is a win for students, a win for families, and a win for our larger community as we prepare students to make an impact in our culture for Christ.”

This new partnership will also provide opportunities for Trinity teachers, parents, and staff to receive graduate school scholarships, professional development, and for Trinity students to participate in dual enrollment classes.

“Both of our schools value a high quality, rigorous academic education that’s going to uniquely equip [students] to enter into and be prepared to serve in today’s very dynamic and fast paced information saturated, technology driven, global environment,” says President of Asbury University, Dr. Kevin Brown. “Neither Trinity or Asbury thinks that education is simply the transference of information; we’re not in that business. Rather, we believe that education is the full intellectual, moral fortitude, and character developing experience of a student.”

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