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Board of Directors

Andy Waters

Andy Waters served on Trinity’s Board from 2009-2015. He was Chairman from 2012-2015. He and his wife, Jenny, have five children – four graduates of Trinity – Grace (2015), Anna Ruth (2016), Benjamin (2018), and Joseph (2020), and one current student at Trinity – Mary Katherine (2025). The Waters Family moved to Lexington from North Carolina in 2004 and has been part of Trinity since 2005 and Tates Creek Presbyterian Church since 2006. Andy has been an elder at TCPC since 2013 and also serves on the Finance Committee. In addition, he is on Trinity’s Development Committee and Leadership Council for The Brannon Project. When he is not serving at Trinity or TCPC, Andy is President and CEO of Community Trust and Investment Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.

Joann Anderson

Joann was raised on Long Island. Moved to Chicago to attend North Park College where she received a BA in Education. She taught elementary school in Illinois, Minnesota and Oregon. Joann and her husband moved to Lexington in 1985; they have three children who attended school at Trinity. They have been very involved with Trinity since it’s inception. Joann served on the school board for six years as Admissions Director and was the Trinity Librarian for 20 years. She continues to have a passion for Classical Christian education.

Renae Blunt

Renae Blunt is a Senior Manager at Myers and Stauffer, LC – M&S Consulting – CBIZ and earned a Masters in Management from Indiana Wesleyan. She joined the Trinity Board in the fall of 2021. Renae attends Church of the Savior, is married to Brad, and is mother to Joshua (class of ’24) and Lauren who attends Beaumont Middle School. As a parent at Trinity, Renae has served as a faithful donor to the annual fund and capital campaign as well as serving on the Titan Force and in various capacities with the PTF including lunch duty, carline, and various classroom events. In her spare time, Renae enjoys spending time with her family, sports, NASCAR, traveling, and home projects. In her time on the Board, Renae hopes to “…make a difference by collaborating and directing decision-making for the good of the school and the glory of God.”

Ashley Chilton

Ashley is Deputy Bar Counsel for the Kentucky Bar Association in Frankfort. In that capacity, she primarily investigates and prosecutes attorney disciplinary matters on behalf of the Kentucky Supreme Court. After growing up in North Carolina, Ashley moved to the Bluegrass to earn her Bachelor’s in French and International Economics from the University of Kentucky and her Juris Doctorate from Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University. Ashley has been an active member of Tates Creek Presbyterian Church since she returned to Lexington in 2009, and she has been on the Trinity Board since 2019. Ashley also enjoys serving as a mentor through Amachi Central Kentucky with the Lexington Leadership Program.

Kelly Ferguson

Kelly Ferguson joined the Trinity board in the fall of 2021. She is married to Stan Ferguson and is mother to Chris (class of ’22) and Mathew (class of ’27). She has been a parent at Trinity for over 12 years and has served in a variety of ways as a donor and volunteer for the Gala, PTF, and capital campaign. Kelly earned a BA in History and Political Science from Lipscomb University and an MA in Secondary Education from Georgetown University. She taught US History, World History, and Political Science at Henry Clay for six years. In addition to Trinity, Kelly’s volunteer work includes the Ronald McDonald House, Hope Lodge, and Bible Study Fellowship International. Kelly is “…excited and humbled to be part of the team that will protect and steer the school under the Headship of Christ as we look forward to building a new facility and supporting our Head of School as he seeks to improve our school to bless our students and families.”

Ken Iverson

Ken Iverson is an Associate Professor and Chief of Pediatric Otolaryngology at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine / UK Health Care. He joined the Trinity Board in the fall of 2021. He attends Tates Creek Presbyterian Church, is married to Heather, and is father to Katelyn (class of ’25), Cole (class of ’28), and Nathan (class of ’31). As a parent at Trinity, Ken has served as a donor to the annual fund and capital campaign and been involved with the Lego League, ushing school programs, and middle school dance chaperone. In his spare time, Ken enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, history, music, martial arts, and cooking and has served on the board of the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center. Ken hopes to “…serve the Lord in a capacity to further the teaching of God’s truth to the next generation.”

Peter Kramer

Peter and his wife Traci have two Trinity children, Caroline (Class of ‘20) and Carver (Class of ‘24). Peter is a lifelong member of Immanuel Baptist Church where he has served as a deacon, Sunday School Teacher, and on multiple support committees throughout his time there. He has been involved at Trinity in several capacities over the years including coaching lower and middle school boys basketball, helping to form and chair the Brannon Campus Development Committee and serving on the Capital Campaign Committee. Peter is President of APM Paving; he holds a B.S. from Liberty University and an M.S. from Marshall University.

Sean Nichols

Sean Nichols is the Director of Sales and Customer Success at OmniVue Business Solutions. He holds a BA from Valdosta State University and an MBA from Georgia State University. He joined the Trinity Board in the fall of 2021. Sean attends Southland Christian Church, is married to Jennifer, and is father to Garrett (Class of ’29) and Gavin (Class of ’32). As a parent at Trinity, Sean is a faithful donor and coaches for the School of Grammar Cross Country and Track team and has served on the Capital Campaign Committee and the Math and Science Committee. In his spare time, Sean has served on the GSU EMBA Board, TKE VSU Alumni Board President, and enjoys coaching, cooking, and personal growth. Sean was “surprised and honored” to be nominated to serve on the Trinity Board and “simply wants to serve and volunteer my time and effort in whatever capacity I can to promote our school community and to enrich the lives of the children and families at Trinity.”

Kyle Smoot MD

Kyle Smoot joined the Trinity board in the fall of 2021 and is a Sports Medicine Physician, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, and Associate Head Team Physician for the University of Kentucky Athletics Program. He earned his BS from the University of Louisville and his MD from Wright State University. Kyle is a member of Tates Creek Presbyterian Church, is married to Alison, and is father to Emery (Class of ’31), Ellis Claire (Class of ’33), Eloise, Elliette, and Easten (all future Trinitarians!). As a Trinity parent, Kyle has been a faithful donor and volunteer at the annual gala. In his spare time he enjoys sports and running. In his time on the board, Kyle wants to “…help Trinity continue to be an outstanding academic school that fosters the spiritual growth and development of students and to help Trinity be unlike any other school Central Kentucky has ever known.”

Meet Our Administration

Head of School

Peter Hansen

B.A. Philosophy and Religious Studies, M.A. Liberal Arts, Ph.D. Philosophy (Candidate)

Favorite Hobbies: Surfing, reading, and playing the drums


Director of Business Operations

Melissa Feaster

B.S. Elementary Education

Favorite Hobbies: Boating, Hiking, Reading, Traveling

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Anita Haddock

B.A. Elementary Education, M.A. Education

Favorite Hobby: Reading a good book while enjoying coffee or chai latte


Principal of the Schools of Logic and Rhetoric

Luke McAnally

B.A. Linguistics, M.A. Educational Leadership and Administration

Favorite Hobby: Disc Golf

Director of Advancement

Sarah Taylor

B.S. Business Management, J.D.

Favorite Hobby: Spending time with family

Athletic Director

Paul Valentine

B.A. Bible, M.A. Biblical Studies, Master of Divinity

Favorite Hobby: Golf

Principal of the School of Grammar

Brooks Ward

B.A. Elementary Education, M.A. Teacher Leadership with Endorsement in Gifted Education

Favorite Hobby: Watching or playing sports

Principal of the School of Early Learning

Vicki White

B.A. Elementary Education, M.S. Family/Child Development

Favorite Hobby: Spending time with her grandbabies


Meet Our Staff & Faculty

College Counselor

Ingrid Allen

B.S. Psychology, M.S. Clinical Psychology

Favorite Hobby: Reading

Student Support & Technology Coordinator

Anne Briggs

B.S. Marketing

Favorite Hobbies: Walking, sewing, and doing anything outside

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Christy Byerly

B.S. Computer Science

Favorite Hobby: Puzzles, Spending time with family

Upper Campus Coordinator & Executive Assistant to Principal

Amy Dame

Favorite Hobby: Spending time with family

Lower Campus Receptionist

Pam Hacker

Favorite Hobby: Reading

Advancement Coordinator

Ed Hardin

M.A. Middle Grade Education, M.A. Discipleship and Family Ministry

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Boating Golf


Marion Shute

B.A. Social Work

Favorite Hobbies: Cooking, camping, outdoor activities, and traveling

Communications and Business Office Coordinator

Ami Williams

B.A. Journalism

Favorite Hobbies: Reading and walking

Admissions Coordinator and New Family Liaison

Susan Workman

B.A. Elementary Education

Favorite Hobby: Reading


School of Early Learning

Junior Kindergarten

Hilary Douglas

C.D.A. Child Development

Favorite Hobbies: Spending time with family, traveling, reading, and hiking



Kristyn Johns

B.A. Psychology

Favorite Hobbies: Photography, traveling, taking care of her indoor house plants, tennis, and spending time with her family


Liliam Crowley

B.A. Early Childhood Education, M.A. Teaching

Favorite Hobbies: Traveling, visiting new countries and learning about other languages and cultures.


Sara Donkin

B.S. Mass Communications

Favorite Hobbies: Studying the Bible, reading and swimming


Kristin Gray

M.S. Communication Disorders

Favorite Hobbies: Hanging out with her family, reading, and running


Kim Hils

B.S. Education, PreK-12 Health

Favorite Hobby: Walking


Christy Wadlington

B.S. Elementary Education

Favorite Hobbies: Reading at the beach, spending time with her husband and kids, cheering for her kids playing sports, and watching UK basketball

1st Grade, After School Care

Theresa Brashear

M.A. Elementary Education

Favorite Hobby: Counted cross stitch

1st Grade

Janice Estes

B.A. Early Childhood Education, M.A. Curriculum and Instruction

Favorite Hobbies: Watercolor painting and reading

1st Grade

Matina Finn

B.F.A. Photography, M.A. Education (in progress)

Favorite Hobby: Photography, karate, and spending time with my family

2nd Grade

Dawn Blair

B.S. Business Administration and Education, ACSI

Favorite Hobby: Reading, gardening, walking, baking

2nd Grade

Serena Howard

B.S. Therapeutic Recreation, M.A. Elementary Education

Favorite Hobby: Pilates

2nd Grade

Carmen Westbrook

B.S. Elementary Education

Favorite Hobbies: In addition to playing with my cats, I enjoy reading and working in my yard/garden.

School of Grammar

3rd Grade

Verona Lee

B.A. Education

Favorite Hobbies: Gardening and scrapbooking

3rd Grade

Brooke Stone

B.A. Elementary Education

Favorite Hobby: Reading

3rd Grade

Danielle Van Fleet

B.S. Elementary Education, M.A. Reading Education, M.M. Piano Performance, ESL Endorsement

Favorite Hobbies: Playing the piano and running

4th Grade

Amy Maas

B.S. Elementary Education and M.A. Elementary Education

Favorite Hobbies: Gardening and reading

4th Grade

Shannon Rowe

B.S. Psychology

Favorite Hobbies: Shopping, traveling, and reading


4th Grade

Julianne Toro

B.s. Elementary Education, M.A. Education

Favorite Hobby: Exercising and family time

5th Grade

Tiffany Bell

B.A. English – Literature Focus

Favorite Hobbies: Playing tennis or doing anything outside. Many would say her main hobby is making and drinking coffee, but the hobby she has promised to dedicate herself to this year is cooking. All recipes are welcome!

5th Grade

Amanda Carter

B.A. Social Work, M.A. Social Work

Favorite Hobby: Singing, cooking, playing card games with my family,  and walking outside

5th Grade

Amy Johnson

A.S. Health Information, B.S. Elementary Education

Favorite Hobbies: Traveling and spending time with family

Arts, PE & More

Art Aide

Kim Coffey

B.S. Nursing

Favorite Hobby: Reading


Mindy Groff

B.A. in History; M.S. Library and Information Science

Favorite Hobbies: Reading & gardening

Early Learning Music

April Huber

B.M. Music Education

Favorite Hobbies: Music, baking, gardening


Tracee Humble

B.S. Textile Design & Merchandising

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, art, crafting, hiking, yoga, gardening


Lisa Randle

B.A. Vocational Home Economics and Communications

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, gardening, and cooking

Physical Education

Brandon Stevens

B.S. Physical Education and Health, M.A. Elementary Education

Favorite Hobby: Travel with family, sports of any kind, games, camping, and being on the lake Email

Physical Education/Motor Lab and SOELAG Drama

Jen Taylor

B.A. Arts Administration, NASM Personal Trainer

Favorite Hobby: Being outdoors

Latin, Grades 3-5

Mark Davila

B.A. Education, M.A. ESL, JD

Favorite Hobby: Studying Latin

Excel (Student Services)

Academic Support-Grades 6-8

Sarah Christie

B.A. Elementary Education and Learning Disabilities (double major), M. Ed. Special Education

Favorite Hobby: Alpine Skiing and Traveling

Cognitive Educational Therapist

Carrie Valentine

B.A. Counseling

Favorite Hobby: Reading

Director of Academic Support

Danielle Witherington

B.A. Early Childhood Education and Psychology, Cognitive Education Therapist

Favorite Hobby: Painting

School of Logic & Rhetoric

Rhetoric and Logic

Aaron Ames

B.A. Letters and Classics, M.A. Theological Studies & Philosophy

Favorite Hobby: Playing sports

English-Grades 6-8, Logic-Grade 8

Tracey Barracca

Favorite Hobby: Reading

Bible-Grades 9-12

Bobby Beatty

M.A. Divinity

Favorite Hobbies: Reading and wine tasting


Math - Grades 9-12

Steve Combs

B.S. Secondary Math Education, M.S. Secondary Math Education

Favorite Hobby: Photography

Physics, Essentials of Engineering

Cathy Cramer

B. S. Electrical Engineering, M.S. Electrical Engineering

Favorite Hobby: Hiking


Math - Grades 6-8

Susan D’Souza

B.A. Jewish Studies and Linguistics, M.A. Urban Education

Favorite Hobbies: Gardening, being outside

Math - Grades 9-12

Sally Groleau

M.A. Mathematics

Favorite Hobby: Reading, walking, playing piano, jigsaw puzzles, and crossword puzzles

Art - Grades 6-12

Kathryn Johnson

Favorite Hobby: Painting, ceramics, singing with my brother, playing with my grandsons, decorating, gardening, reading, travel, cooking with friends, watching historical documentaries.

English I - IV

Rick Halkyard

M.A. English, Ph.D. English

Favorite Hobby: Reading, hunting (bow or rifle), running, film, calligraphy, writing, sketching.

Band Director

Victoria Hall

B.S. Music Education, Instrumental and Choral Certification

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, writing, singing, baking, and composing and arranging music.

Science - Grades 6-8

Joseph Jenkins

M.S. Biology

Favorite Hobbies: Dog walking and playing guitar. (not at the same time)

Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science

Stephanie Logan

B.A. Secondary Science Education, M.S. Clinical Nutrition

Favorite Hobbies: Reading and gardening

Dean of Student Support, Yearbook, Wellness & Psychology

Deborah Lynerd

B.A. Secondary Education with English

Favorite Hobby: Hiking and being outside

Latin - Grades 6-8

Arthur Martin

Coming Soon


STEM Coordinator (Grades 3-8)

Rebekah Meredith

B.A. Elementary Education, M.A. Educational Leadership

Favorite Hobby: Being with family


History-Grades 6-8, Logic-Grade 7

Cynthia Reasoner

B.A. French and Secondary Education

Favorite Hobbies: Spending time with her family, time at the pool, learning about gardening on a small scale

Bible - Grades 6-7, Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

John Roberts

B.A. History, B.A. Secondary Education, M.A. Secondary Education

Favorite Hobbies: Disc golf and reading

Chorus - Grades 6-12

Emily Sparks

Coming Soon


Dean of Student Life, Bible - Grade 8

Andrew Steggeman

B.S. Economics and Finance

Favorite Hobby: Spending time with my wife and friends, playing sports, watching sports, and talking about sports.

French - Grades 9-12

Jill Susini

B.A. Sociology, French Language Degree, M.A. Business Management

Favorite hobbies: Reading and hiking

History - Grades 9-12

Josh Wallis

B.A. History, M.A. American History and Government

Favorite Hobbies: Fishing and train enthusiast