Trinity inspires students… 

Trinity is an institution of inspiration. We inspire students to view learning as an opportunity more than a responsibility; as transformative more than informative; as application more than memorization. Simply put, Trinity is in the business of inspiration, not just education. 

…to learn, love, and live… 

Education that inspires requires a commitment to engage every aspect of the students’ being. They are not machines in need of information download; they are complex image bearers of God in need of robust formation wherein they are challenged to learn, love, and live their education. To inspire students to learn truth is to engage their cognition. To inspire students to love truth is to cultivate their emotions. To inspire students to live truth is to challenge their actions. Simply put, Trinity seeks to inspire the head, heart, and hands of those we educate. 

…God’s truth…

The truth that we inspire students to learn, love, and live is God’s truth. Of course, this means the Bible is an intricate part of our curriculum, but that’s not the only place where you’ll find its influence. In fact, God’s truth extends into every area of learning, because we believe the Christian worldview is the basis of all knowledge. For example, what does God have to do with math and science? At Trinity we view these subjects as the exploration and discovery of God’s physical creation and natural laws. Only because we believe that God is the Creator of the universe which He continually sustains through natural laws can we trust the constancy of math and science—even logic, upon which these subjects are based. Without this fixed foundation, education loses its ability to assume the uniformity and reliability of math and science. Simply put, the foundation of Trinity’s entire education is the Christian worldview that all truth is ultimately grounded in God’s truth.

…in God’s world.

Trinity’s inspiration to learn, love, and live God’s truth is ultimately aimed at God’s world. Trinity’s goal as a Christian ministry is the redemption of God’s world, and the education and discipleship of the next generation is our strategy. Graduates who are inspired to learn, love, and live God’s truth are our blessing to God’s world. Trinity students have gone on to public universities, Ivy League colleges, technical schools, Military Academies, Bible colleges, or straight to the workforce, and we celebrate each of these unique stories, believing each to be a blessing wherever God calls him or her. Simply put, Trinity ultimately exists for those who are not members of our institution but will be blessed and transformed by the graduates of our institution. 

Statement of Faith

Although we maintain an interdenominational profile representing more than 80 churches from Lexington and the surrounding areas, Trinity is a ministry of Tates Creek Presbyterian Church. Therefore, we exist in agreement and submission to Tates Creek Presbyterian’s theology and distinctives.