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Upper Campus

6th – 12th Grade


Education to Spark a Generation

Trinity Christian Academy’s Upper Campus guides students from grades 6 to 12 through an enriching educational journey. We utilize a classical approach incorporating both the logic and rhetoric stages of education to encourage intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and articulate communication.

From grades 6 to 8, students delve into interactive discussions and inquiry-based projects to hone their logical thinking skills. As they progress into high school, the learning experience evolves to emphasize the practical application of knowledge, culminating in a comprehensive research-based senior thesis.

Our classical educational approach has proven significantly beneficial, with students gaining acceptance into many prestigious universities like Asbury, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, UNC, UK, UPenn, the US Air Force Academy, Yale, and West Point.

At Trinity Christian Academy’s Upper Campus, our primary commitment lies in nurturing our students’ potential and equipping them to excel academically and beyond as the bright torchbearers for the next generation.

New Campus Coming Soon: The Cowen Campus

30+ Years of Excellence in Classical Christian Education

As we have grown from 30 students in 1988 to over 515 students this year, we recognize that our facilities are becoming a limitation to our mission. We are thrilled to announce that God has provided an answer to our facility dilemma; when 45 acres of prime real estate on Brannon Road was donated to the school, we immediately began dreaming of a premier facility that matches the excellence of our education.

Thanks to generous donations, we have begun construction on our new campus with plans to have our students in sixth grade through twelfth grade on the property in 2023. Our ultimate vision is to have our PreK through fifth students eventually join the older students to create a united campus.

Upper Campus

6th – 12th Grade

3601 Winthrop Drive
Lexington, KY 40514

(859) 475-1478