Trinity Calendar 

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Trinity 2019-2020 

Year at a Glance Calendar


2019-2020 Highlights


  • Trinity will generally follow Fayette County’s Academic Calendar (semesters, spring break, etc.)

  • Trinity will start on the same day as Fayette County.  

  • Trinity will exceed state law requirements for 1,062 instructional hours plus eight days of in-service/admin for teachers per academic year

  • The total of Trinity’s excess instructional hours is equivalent to at least four days; potential inclement weather make-up days in excess of this amount would include February 14 and March 13.


  • Open House is incorporated into the morning of the first day of school, which is a full day of school for everyone. (All required back-to-school forms will be submitted online.)


  • Fall Break day will be October 14-16.


  • Parent-Teacher Conference Days: Monday, November 4

    • Documented parent-teacher conferences are required for all Lower School students for the first quarter. Lower School Conference Day is Monday, November 4. Specific conference times will be communicated to parents.

    • Upper School Conference Evening is Monday, November 4, from 3:00-8:00 pm. All teachers will be available for conferences with parents. Parents are free to circulate among classrooms as needed to meet with teachers.


  • The last day of Quarter 2 for Lower and Upper Schools is December 20, which is also a half day for both campuses. This is the last day of school before Christmas break.   


  • School will resume on Monday, January 6, 2020.  


  • There is no school on May 19 at either campus due to Election Day.

  • The last day of Quarter 4 for Lower and Upper Schools is May 21.

  • The last day for the Upper School is May 21, which is a half day. However, high school students who missed final exams must attend on Friday, May 22 to complete those exams.

  • The last day for the Lower School is May 21, which is a half day.