Annual Fund

Contributions to our annual fund are critical to the continued success of Trinity. Why do we ask for annual fund donations alongside tuition costs? In short, no independent school charges what it actually costs to educate its students. This is certainly true of Trinity. Trinity is a special community, and we provide an amazing education, but this requires more funds than tuition is able to cover. We can certainly provide an education with tuition money, but we cannot provide the level of education that we have all come to enjoy and expect without the annual fund.

Consider, for example, the classroom size our students enjoy at Trinity. Our average classroom has 13 students with an amazing student to teacher ratio of 8:1. However, the tuition we charge is unable to sustain the costs of such small classrooms. Were we a for-profit business, the solution would be obvious: cut staff and cram students. But we refuse to compromise the integrity of our excellent education; therefore, we look to the annual fund to supplement the costs. This is just one example of many reasons why the annual fund is so important.

Every member of Trinity’s community is asked to give to the annual fund. Some can give more, some can give less, but all can give something. Would you prayerfully consider giving to further the excellence of Trinity Christian Academy?

For inquiries about the Annual Fund, please contact Sarah Taylor at