Welcome to the Summer Page!

You will find summer reading lists, summer math practice, supply lists, summer classes, and more on this page for 2019-20 school year preparation.

Summer Office Contact Information:

Our staff members enjoy working a more relaxed schedule in June and July and do not have regular office hours. To reach a staff member, please email us directly. Find our contact information on our Faculty and Staff page. You can also leave us a message at 859-271-0079. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lower School

Supply Lists – 2019-20
Lower School Dress Code
Lands End School Number:  900056243

Lower School Summer Reading 2019-20 for Rising Grades

PreK and JrK Summer Reading
Kindergarten Summer Reading

1st Grade Reading List

2nd Grade Reading List

3rd Grade Reading Log
3rd Grade Reading List

4th Grade Reading Log
4th Grade Reading List

5th Grade Reading Log
5th Grade Reading List

6th Grade Reading Log
6th Grade Reading List

Lower School Summer Math 2019-20 – Rising Grades

2nd Grade Summer Math Practice Letter
2nd Grade Summer Math Practice Log

3rd Grade Summer Math Practice Letter
3rd Grade Summer Math Practice Log

4th Grade Summer Math Practice Letter
4th Grade Math Practice Log

5th Grade Summer Math Practice Letter
5th Grade Math Practice Log

6th Grade Summer Math Practice Letter
6th Grade Math Practice Log

Lower School Latin Summer Practice 2019-20

Click here to subscribe to the site that goes along with our Latin book.  There is a $15 annual subscription fee.

Upper School

Upper School Supply List

        7th-8th Supply List 2019-20
        High School Supply List 2019-20

Supplies for Life Science, Earth Science, and Physics (added July 13, 2019)

PE Uniform Students in grades 7-12 must wear a Trinity PE uniform when they take PE classes. Orders are taken during specific periods during the year, and summer orders are typically taken through July.  The uniform consists of the t-shirt and either the shorts or the sweatpants.  

US Dress Code

Upper School Summer Reading – Rising Grades for 2019-20

7th-Instructions-and-Confirmation – 2019-20
8th-Instructions-and-Confirmation 2019-20

7th and 8th Grade Summer Reading – 2019-20
9th Grade Summer Reading – 2019-20
10th Grade Summer Reading – 2019-20
11th Grade Summer Reading – 2019-20
12th Grade Summer Reading – 2019-20

Upper School Summer French 2019-20

Summer French details for rising French I-IV students.

Upper School Summer Latin for 2019-20 rising 6th and 7th graders

Click here to subscribe to the site that goes along with our Latin book.  There is a $15 annual subscription fee.

Upper School Summer Math for 2019-20

Rising 7th grade Summer Math - Refer to packet from Mrs. Taylor (btaylor@trinitylex.org)

Rising 8th-11th grade Summer Math

For students who have taken Pre-Calculus and will be taking Calculus or Statistics – Click Here