Madame Susini – French

Week at a Glance

Français l’été 2018


Français II – A  + B – Students have received an invitation via email to download this app. They are to practice their French through the games/review online.  I’ve asked they get up to 1000 points before school starts.  

Français III – A + B – Students have received an invitation via email to download this app. They are to practice their French through the games/review online.  I’ve asked they get up to 1000 points before school starts. 

Français IV

Students finishing French III and taking by choice French IV will be asked to keep up their profiency in the following fashion:

1- They will use a composition notebook to serve as a journal (front) & self-created dictionany (back)

The journals will be used to keep the assignments they are asked to do as well as any writing a paragraph (5-8 sentences) weekly about personal or current events.

A- Listening

The purpose of this is to help the students keep up their listening skills. Here are three examples of what students can do to practice. They will be expected to do at least ONE of these.

1. Actualité: Go to this site: and find the section LE FAIT DU JOUR. Click on the date of the article to see the video, then do the exercises. Correct with the key provided and print out your page(s) of responses. Write the date and the title of the article you heard in your journal. Cut and paste your response pages neatly into your journal.

2. Culture: Go to and find the section CHANSONS> DIVERS, or this site Listen to one of the French language songs, and watch the video if applicable. (There might also be songs in English on there. These don’t count for your assignment.) Write your reaction to the song and video in your journal.

Mention the following items in your reaction:

a) date

b) titre de la chanson

c) chanteur/chanteuse

d) De quoi s’agit-il? e) Qu’est-ce que tu en penses? (au moins 3 phrases pour répondre à cette question)

3. Culture : Check out a French film on DVD or online (not an American film with a French sound track; it should be rated appropriately, of course (see suggested list below) and watch the French version (with English subtitles if you absolutely must…). Write a short critique in your journal (10 sentences) where you briefly summarize the plot (“l’intrigue”) and give your personal opinion of the film. This should NOT be a film you’ve seen before.

Critique format :

a) date

b) titre du film

c) De quoi s’agit-il ?

d) Quand se passe-t-il ?

e) Où se passe-t-il ?

f) Quels sont les personnages ?

g) Quel est le conflit, s’il y en a ?

h) Quelle est la résolution ?

i) Qu’est-ce que tu en penses ?

Movies PG-13 or under.

Astérix et Obélix contre César (1999)

La Gloire de Mon Pere (My Father’s Glory) (1990)

Jean de Florette (1986)

Cyrano de Bergerac (1990)

A Cat in Paris (2012)

B- Speaking

To keep up their speaking skills they will be expected to leave a phone message or email a voice memo in French at least once this summer. Madame Susini’s cellphone is 859-559-2433 or text a voice memo.

Téléphone/email voice memo to practice speaking.

  • Greeting of some kind.

  • Identify yourself

  • Leave me a message of at least

three statements/thoughts

  • Farewell of some kind

(Hi, Good morning/afternoon/evening) (This is…, I’m…, It’s …)

(Did you watch the swimming competition in the Olympics? Did you see Bernard, the French swimmer? He won a gold medal.)

(Bye, Talk to you later, See you soon)

C- Reading & Writing

In this portion students will not only improve your reading comprehension and writing but also practice summarizing in their own words and creating and expressing their own ideas and thoughts in response to a given reading. They should add unknown words to their self- made dictionary in the back of their journal. The following websites are suggestions, but any French-language appropriate website of interest would work. The student’s reading and writing assignment is to choose two websites and write a journal entry based on any one article of interest from each website.

Requirements for the journal entries:

  • Title of the article and the link

  • A coherent and accurate summary of the article, in the student’s own words.

  • Personal thoughts and opinions about the topic

The journal is due the first day back to school.