Trinity Girls Middle School Volleyball

2015, 2016 MS “A” League Volleyball Champions!!

2016 MS “A” Champions, Undefeated


2016 MS “B” Runner-Up

Coach: Chad Gray
Assist. Coach: Kaity Bradley

2016 MS Girls Volleyball Roster

Girls make a run for repeat in 2016!


2016 MS Volleyball Game Schedule, Undefeated

Aug. 29 Trinity vs Lex. School
Sept. 12 Trinity vs Sayre
Sept. 13 Trinity B1, B, A vs St. Leo
Trinity A vs Blue Grass Baptist
Sept. 15 Trinity vs St. Peter and Paul
Sept. 17 Trinity @ CCAA
Trinity @ TBD
Sept. 19 Trinity @ Christ the King
Sept. 21 Trinity @ Good Shepard
Sept. 22 Trinity vs St. Peter and Paul
Sept. 29 Trinity vs Lex. Catholic
Oct. 3-8 Trinity @ TBD Tournament