Concession and Gate Schedule

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We ask all parents of Trinity Christian Academy athletes to volunteer in the concession stand, collect gate money, run the scoreboard/clock, or help record game statistics.  Gate and concession proceeds help to defray the cost of referees for games and keep our athletic fees at a relatively low level.

If you would like to choose the dates you volunteer, click below to see your team schedule and sign up prior to November 1.  After November 1, the Athletic Department will assign the remaining volunteer shifts.  A special class will be provided for those needing training on score keeping and operating the clock.

Note:  Families with multiple players on the same team need to sign up for more slots.  Families with players on multiple teams need to sign up on each team list. You may also contact a Trinity senior to work for you ( $10/game toward their senior trip), but you still need to sign up as the person responsible for that shift.