What is a Classical Christian Education?

Education that is both classical and Christian seeks to cultivate and nurture student development in body, heart, and mind, and to teach students to seek virtue and wisdom for life under the Lordship of Christ.


img_9506Classical education is designed to instruct students in what to know, how to think, how to live, and Whom to love.  Subject areas are taught in an integrated fashion, so that students may understand how knowledge of content fits into the whole of life.  Instruction flows in a logical sequence, from concrete to abstract, increasing in complexity as students mature in their thinking.  Theology and philosophy instruction form the foundation of the curriculum at every level, with the goal of gaining wisdom, not just knowledge.  Teaching, modeling, and training students to love God, honor their parents, and to love and seek after what is true, good, and beautiful are foundational to instruction at Trinity.

Areas of instruction in the classical curriculum include: Bible, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Logic, Rhetoric, Aesthetics, Music, Art, Drama, Foreign Language, and Physical Education.  Emphasis is placed on learning about contributions of Western culture to the world, while recognizing the beauty of other cultures.  Integrating the humanities with arts and sciences gives students a full perspective of content within the context of history.  Teachers use time-tested methods of instruction, and class sizes are kept small enough to allow teachers to truly know each student and give attention to each one.


The school culture, curriculum, and activities at Trinity are founded upon what we believe about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible. We recognize God the Father as the author of creation and all that is in it, as revealed in His Word. Consequently, our curriculum, from math to science to fine arts, is taught with that perspective. This Christian worldview serves as the lens through which we teach, and binds together ideas and concepts as part of a larger whole defined by biblical truth.