Faculty & Staff

Meet our new Faculty, Staff, and Aides for 2017-18!



David Kirkendall:  Head of School – dkirkendall@trinitylex.org
Anita Haddock:  Upper School Principal/Director of Academics – ahaddock@trinitylex.org

Vicki White:  Lower School Principal/Director of Admissions – vwhite@trinitylex.org
Melissa Feaster:  Director of Business Operations – mfeaster@trinitylex.org


Anne Briggs: Student Support & Technology Coordinator – abriggs@trinitylex.org
Diana Clark: Director of Development – dclark@trinitylex.org
Barb Claxon:  Lower School Administrative Assistant – bclaxon@trinitylex.org
Amy Dame: Upper School Receptionist – adame@trinitylex.org
Katie Howard: College Counselor – khoward@trinitylex.org
Tory Tanaka:  Admissions Coordinator – ttanaka@trinitylex.org
Amy Thompson:  Registrar
– athompson@trinitylex.org
Ami Williams: Administrative Support & Marketing
– awilliams@trinitylex.org
Chuck Workman:  Athletic Director – cworkman@trinitylex.org

Lower School Faculty – Preschool-6 Grade

Early Learning

Christy Byerly:  Kindergarten Aide
Emily DeLong:  PreKindergarten – edelong@trinitylex.org
Kristin Gray:  Kindergarten – kgray@trinitylex.org
Melissa Hall:  Transitional Kindergarten Paraeducator – mhall@trinitylex.org
Jana Howard:  Kindergarten Aide
Carrie Pepiot:  PreKindergarten Aide
Vicky Phelps:  PreKindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten – vphelps@trinitylex.org
Jen Taylor:  Kindergarten Aide
Carrie Valentine: PreKindergarten Aide
Christy Wadlington:  Kindergarten
– cwadlington@trinitylex.org
Danielle Witherington:  Coordinator & PreKindergarten – dwitherington@trinitylex.org
Susan Workman:  Kindergarten – sworkman@trinitylex.org

Grades 1-6

Theresa Brashear:  1st Grade – tbrashear@trinitylex.org
Jessica Evans:  1st Grade – jevans@trinitylex.org
Shannon Rowe:  2nd Grade – srowe@trinitylex.org
Deb Singleton:  2nd Grade – dsingleton@trinitylex.org
Michele Searcy: 2nd Grade – msearcy@trinitylex.org
Ashley Ladd: 2nd Grade Aide
Conni Hysong:  3rd Grade – chysong@trinitylex.org
Brooke Stone:  3rd Grade – bstone@trinitylex.org
Mark Davila: 4th Grade – mdavila@trinitylex.org

Amy Maas:  4th Grade – amaas@trinitylex.org
Amy Johnson:  5th Grade – ajohnson@trinitylex.org

Allie Smith: 5th Grade – asmith@trinitylex.org
Beth Taylor:  6th Grade – btaylor@trinitylex.org
Marcia Holt:  6th Grade
– mholt@trinitylex.org

Art, Latin, Music, PE, Strings

Kim Coffey:  Art Aide
Paul Engelbrecht – Strings Ensemble
Lisa Gilvin:  Latin (5 & 6 grade) – lgilvin@trinitylex.org

Allison Hamrin:  PE (Preschool-6)
– ahamrin@trinitylex.org
Tracee Humble:  Art – thumble@trinitylex.org
Lisa Randle:  Librarian – lrandle@trinitylex.org
Amelia Wilson:  Choral Music  – awilson@trinitylex.org

After School Care

Theresa Brashear:  tbrashear@trinitylex.org

Middle School Faculty – 7-8 Grade

Aaron Ames:  Logic – aames@trinitylex.org
Lisa Braswell Stephens:  Choral Music – lbraswell@trinitylex.org
Lisa Gilvin:  Latin – lgilvin@trinitylex.org
Cindy Graf:  English
 – cgraf@trinitylex.org
Collette Gugeler:  Art – cgugeler@trinitylex.org
Andrew Groves:  Math – agroves@trinitylex.org
Andrew Masters:  Math – amasters@trinitylex.org

Luke McAnally:  7th Grade Bible, Upper School Chaplain, Assistant Principal – lmcanally@trinitylex.org
John Roberts:  History – jroberts@trinitylex.org
Owen Smith:  PE / Assistant Athletic Director – osmith@trinitylex.org
Christy Sacra:  Art Aide
Paul Valentine:  8th Grade Bible – pvalentine@trinitylex.org
Elizabeth Ward:  Science – eward@trinitylex.org
Bethany Watt:  String Ensemble – bwatt@trinitylex.org

High School Faculty – 9-12 Grade

Aaron Ames: Logic, Rhetoric & Aesthetics, Speech & Debate – aames@trinitylex.org
Bobby Beatty:  New Testament, Systematic Theology & Ethics, Worldviews & Apologetics – bbeatty@trinitylex.org
Lisa Braswell Stephens:  Choral Music, A Capella Groups, Music Appreciation, Play Production – lbraswell@trinitylex.org
Andrew Groves:  Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus – agroves@trinitylex.org
Collette Gugeler:  Art – cgugeler@trinitylex.org
Stephanie Logan:  Physical Science, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy – slogan@trinitylex.org
Luke McAnally:  Upper School Chaplain, Assistant Principal – lmcanally@trinitylex.org
Andrew Masters: Algebra I, Algebra II, and Calculus – amasters@trinitylex.org
Kimberly McIntyre:  Theatre Arts
Andy Newman: English – anewman@trinitylex.org
John Roberts:  History – jroberts@trinitylex.org
Christy Sacra:  Art Aide
Owen Smith:  PE / Assistant Athletic Director – osmith@trinitylex.org
Chelsea Steyn:  Choral Sectionals Aide
Jill Susini:  French
– jsusini@trinitylex.org
Paul Valentine:  Old Testament – pvalentine@trinitylex.org

Josh Wallis:  History – jwallis@trinitylex.org
Elizabeth Ward:  Physics – eward@trinitylex.org
Bethany Watt:  String Ensemble – bwatt@trinitylex.org