The population of Trinity Christian Academy is made up of “families called by God to bless the Bluegrass and beyond.” These families naturally come from diverse backgrounds, thereby resulting in a variety of opinions on many issues.

In regard to the fundamentals of our faith, there is a high degree of unity required of all board members, faculty, and staff. A brief summary of those beliefs may be found here:

However, in regard to matters not summarily dealt with in Trinity’s Statement of Faith, questions sometimes emerge about the school’s stance on various ethical issues that may be addressed in the classroom, either in the course of study or as a result of questions from students. When these ethical issues arise, we strive both to respect the consciences of teachers and students (who may not all be in agreement on every issue), and to guard the institution of Trinity as a ministry of Tates Creek Presbyterian Church (TCPC).

To assist teachers, parents, and students in conversations about ethical issues, the link below provides access to Position Papers adopted by the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) over the course of its history regarding a selection of ethical issues often discussed and debated in our culture today.

The Trinity community is encouraged to access this page to provide clarification about the stance of the PCA in regard to ethical issues. As a ministry of TCPC, Trinity seeks to conform its teaching to be in general accord to the larger teaching of the PCA with regard to all ethical matters.