Dear Upper School Choral, String, and Art II, III, and IV Parents,

The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, May 8thRehearsal at the LS

Middle School: 
All students in Chorus should arrive by 8:10 at the LS campus to rehearse. Students should enter the building at the Sanctuary doors, place their belongings in the coat areas in the foyer, and go into the Sanctuary for rehearsal. No food or drinks may be taken into the building, except water.

At 10:00, Choral students will be taken to Anchor for the rest of the day's classes.   MS dismissal will follow the usual routine at Anchor.

Strings Ensemble:
Strings will rehearse from 10:45-12:00 at the LS. MS String students will remain at the LS for this rehearsal and HS String students will need to be taken from Anchor to the LS at 10:30. Students will eat lunch after this rehearsal is completed.

Upper School Chorus Together:
All Choral students except string students will rehearse at the US in the sanctuary 10:30-11:10. 

High School: 
All students will report to school as usual at Anchor by 8:10. They will be dismissed at 11:55 to go to the LS for rehearsal. They will have lunch before leaving Anchor.  Students may not be dismissed early to go to lunch or to go home.  HS students will be dismissed from the LS at 2:30.

Art II, III & IV Students
HS Art students not involved in rehearsal will go over to the LS to help Ms. Adams and Mrs. Sacra set up for the Art Show.  This is mandatory.  If your student is not currently driving, we will provide transportation for them.

For HS dismissal at the LS, please do not get in the LS car line, or we will end up with cars all the way to Hartland Parkway. Park near the church side (where the Sanctuary is located) and walk into the building to meet your child in the Sanctuary foyer.

Drivers Needed & Student Drivers:
Middle School parents are needed to transport MS students from the LS to the US at 10:00.  
High School parents are needed to transport students from the US to the LS at 11:55.
High School String parents are needed to transport HS String students from the US to the LS at 10:30.
Middle School String parents are needed to transport MS String students from the LS to the US at 12:00.

Students who normally drive themselves to school may drive and take other students ONLY if we receive written parental permission from both the driver and passenger's parents.  You may email this to Mrs. Dame at

Please let Amy Dame know by Friday, May 3:

·        if you can help drive and how many students you can take
·        if your child will be driving or riding with their sibling

Unaccompanied Minors:
Will rehearse after school at the Lower School.

Spring Concert:

 Thursday, May 9, 7:00 p.m. at Tates Creek Presbyterian Church (LS)

Dress for Choral & String Students


o   dress or skirt (no denim or khaki)

o   blouse

o   no tennis shoes


o   Any color button down shirt

o   Blue or black pants (No khaki slacks or jeans)

o   Do not wear a tie

o   Black or brown shoes (No tennis shoes)

o   No white socks