Trinity’s curriculum includes Bible, language arts, history, math, science, foreign language, physical education, and fine arts.  At the middle and high school levels, instruction in logic, rhetoric, and aesthetics is added.  Our curriculum is unique in that content from each subject area is integrated so that knowledge and concepts learned in all classes form a framework in students’ minds of God’s world – past, present, and possibilities for the future.

The core of our curriculum is the Bible, which is richly integrated into each subject area at all grade levels.  Language arts includes instruction in reading, writing, spelling, grammar and literature, and through this children learn to respond to spoken and written language and to express their own ideas more clearly.  Trinity’s history curriculum teaches our students to examine and discuss God’s work in the world through people and events of the past, including an examination of how the Fall impacted the world, and how God is in the process of redeeming it.  Studies in math and science enable students to know, measure, and explore the physical world in which we live, God’s creation.  As our children study foreign languages, their understanding of our own language deepens, and they gain the skills to communicate with non-English speakers living here and in other parts of the world.  Physical education instruction teaches children to care for the bodies that God has given them.  Finally, Trinity’s fine arts curriculum includes vocal and instrumental music, visual arts, and drama.  These artistic disciplines teach students about God’s beauty and help them experience and reflect the beauty of their Creator.

Early Learning Curriculum Overview 2018-19

Lower School 1-6 Curriculum Overview 2018-19

Middle School Curriculum Overview 2018-19

High School Curriculum Overview 2018-19

Fine Arts Curriculum Overview 2018-19