The Waters Sisters


I remember well the day I first met the Waters sisters, Anna Ruth and Grace. Anna Ruth was entering the second grade at Trinity, and Grace was entering the third grade. They were such well-behaved, beautiful, little girls! I was thrilled to welcome the Waters family to Trinity!

It has been a joy to watch these sisters grow in grace and knowledge through the years. They have a hunger for learning and a longing to walk daily with their Savior. The Lord is doing great things in these young ladies’ lives!

Anna Ruth (2016) is a sophomore at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Her major is speech pathology, and she is excelling in her studies. During Anna Ruth’s freshman year, she was awarded third place among 900 freshmen in a writing competition. Anna Ruth attributes her writing skill to her years at Trinity, where she began writing paragraphs in second grade and progressed to thesis papers her junior and senior years. Anna Ruth proclaimed with a smile, “When my professors assign a paper to write, I feel no anxiety whatsoever! I am able to organize my thoughts and write an excellent paper. I owe my writing ability to Trinity!”

Grace (2015) is a junior at Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee. Her major is nursing, and she, too, is an excellent student!  Grace entered a speech competition at Belmont and placed tenth out of 500 speech students. She is so thankful for the thesis papers she wrote and defended while in high school. Grace also expressed her appreciation to Mrs. Logan and her science classes. She felt very prepared to enter her nursing classes due to the solid foundation in science she received at Trinity. Grace exclaimed, “Mrs. Logan’s test format was just like my college science class test format!” 

I asked the ladies to share how Trinity prepared them for college and for the world, and they responded with these answers:

  • “Mr. Beatty’s Bible classes helped us so much in understanding the fallen world in which we live. His class on apologetics and worldviews was so insightful. He also discussed with us world issues which helped to prepare us for college.”

  • “We were so prepared for our college English classes in writing, speech, grammar, and literature.”

  • “Mrs. Logan’s science classes were phenomenal! Her anatomy class was comparable to my college level anatomy class.”

  • “Never do away with those thesis papers! They prepared us well in speaking and in writing. Among our friends in college, we are the only students who are not fearful of writing a paper and presenting it!”

What a blessing to see these Trinity alumni thriving in college and in the world. Please pray for all of our alumni. God is doing mighty deeds in and through them! 

Paul Adams