Driven to Succeed: David Tanous

One of my sweetest memories of David Tanous is when he was a four-year-old preschooler, sitting in my office, crying for his mother. When he continued to cry inconsolably in my arms, I phoned his mom and told her, “David just needs some mommy time.” She came to school and picked him up, and he was a happy camper! It is hard to believe that was over twenty years ago.

David graduated from Trinity in 2010. He is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Eddie (Trevor) Tanous. As early as the 5th grade, David knew he wanted to pursue the profession of automotive mechanics. At the age of ten, he received a gasoline remote control car as a gift. He took the car apart and put it back together again many, many times. When the car would not run properly, David was able to locate the problem and fix it. He knew at this young age that he wanted to be a mechanic and work with his hands.

David phoned The Universal Technical Institute in Mooresville, NC, during his freshman year in high school. He wanted to apply early for this prestigious automotive repair school. The school told him to call back his senior year, and David did! He was accepted to the school, and in sixteen months, David was a certified auto mechanic. David is now a Master Service Technician, a sign of excellence in the automotive repair world!

Sixteen months after high school graduation, David had a job with Don Jacobs of Lexington making an excellent salary with great benefits. He is still employed there in the auto parts department.

One day, David would like to have his own business in automotive mechanics. He projects this dream will come to fruition in three to five years. He is waiting for his wife, Sarah, to complete her master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis. Her bachelor’s degree is in psychology. David and Sarah have been married for eighteen months, and they attend Tates Creek Presbyterian Church.

I asked David, “How did Trinity help you in preparing you for your profession and for the world?” David smiled his infectious smile and replied, “Trinity showed me I was not cut out for academia, for the college world! School was not easy for me, and I knew the Lord was calling me elsewhere. I had known for many years I wanted to be in auto mechanics.”

David then said what I have heard many of our alumni say: “Trinity gave me a solid foundation in the Word and in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This foundation has helped me to resist worldly temptations and to walk with the Lord.” 

As I left David’s work, my eyes were filled with tears of joy, and I thanked the Lord for this young man. He has grown from that little preschool baby who cried every day for his mama, into this godly man who loves the Lord with all of his heart.  

I am so blessed to have David as my auto mechanic. I may be a bit biased, but he is the best! 

Paul Adams