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 Annual Report for 2019


Families and Friends of Trinity,

I trust your summer is off to a great start! (It’s probably a lot like mine, as my kids are currently yelling at me to finish up so we can get to the pool).

As I reflect over this past year, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when the Board voted to name me Interim Head of School, but as it turns out, I was getting into something extraordinary. As you will see in this year-end update, we had a banner year at Trinity. But what you will not see is those who made it happen. Behind these numbers and highlights is the leadership of our administrators, the dedication of our teachers and staff, the devotion of our families, and yes, the lives of our amazing students. You are the reason Trinity is flourishing, and for that, I give thanks to God.

In this report you will find both a review from this past year and plans for next year, but there is one thing, in particular, that I wanted to personally explain.

The biggest question I have received is in regard to our next Head of School. I have bad news and good news for you. The bad news is you’re stuck with me for one more year. The good news, however, is that I will be joined by some of the best talent in the country to lead our school.

We believe Trinity needs one more year of development before we are prepared to hire the high-level executive leader our school needs. At the same time, however, Trinity needs more leadership than I am able to provide. I am comfortable remaining the leader in vision and communications, but I am ill-equipped to develop us as an educational institution. That said, the Board and session of TCPC have approved a plan that has us all very excited.

Many of you know Eric Cook from his consultation work this year as well as being our graduation commencement speaker. I approached Eric with an outside the box idea that has come to fruition. Eric, along with the board of The Society For Classical Learning, will be partnering with me in the leadership of Trinity next year.

Eric and his team of experts will be building our school in areas that need improvement, as well as developing a long-term strategic plan for success. I cannot overemphasize how exciting this is for Trinity, as the best of the best in the world of Classical Christian Education will be investing in our school for a year. Not only this, but their investment will make us one of the most attractive positions in the country as we recruit our permanent Head of School for 2020. The report below contains a brief bio of each member of this team, but you will obviously be getting to know them more throughout the year.

God blessed Trinity this year more than we could ask or imagine, and yet we are asking and imagining even more for the years to come. As you read through this report, I invite you to join me in praising God for what He has done and asking God to bless us even more!

Heading to the pool…

Yours in Christ,

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 2018-19 Highlights


Neighbor Love Challenge

We challenged our Upper School students to complete random acts of kindness in their families, neighborhoods, churches, and school, and they completed almost 1,000 random acts of kindness over a week and a half.


Dance Gold

Students raised $4,500 to support the Shriners Hospital for Children in Lexington.


Class of 2019

The class of 2019 received $5 million in scholarship offers, averaging over $260,000 per student. And, 100% of the graduating class will go to college next year.

Var. Championship Volleyball Pic.jpg

National Championship for Volleyball

Our 2018 Varsity Volleyball team won the Championship of the National Athletic Association of Private Schools.

More Sports Honors:

  • Six State Championship Teams (Boys JV Basketball, Girls JV Basketball, Girls Varsity Basketball, Varsity Bass Fishing, JV Volleyball, and Varsity Volleyball)

  • Four students were selected as 2018 Division 4 Volleyball All-Americans (Selma Coffman, Emma Grace Gray, Lucy Kate Gray, and Mallory Sacra)

  • Hannah Mattingly was chosen as the 2019 Class 2A Girls Basketball Offensive Player of the Year

  • Joseph Waters was chosen as the 2019 Class 2A Boys Basketball National Underclassman of the Year

Financial Highlights:

  • Our budget finished in the black!

  • $192,000 raised for the Annual Fund ($67,000 higher than $125,000 goal)

  • $2.9 Million pledged to the Brannon Campus Capital Campaign


 The Brannon Project

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 11.20.18 AM.png

The Lord has done some incredible things in the past year in our school, not the least of which being the progress we’ve made towards building a new school on our property on Brannon Road. As of today, we’ve received $2.9 million in pledges towards this campaign, and we are excited to announce that we will be breaking ground in the fall! This fall will also mark the beginning of our public capital campaign. We look forward to sharing more details with you in the coming months.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 11.28.45 AM.png

New Faculty for 2019-20


Lower School

by Vicki White


Valerie Spratt is our new PreK teacher. She moved to Lexington two years ago with her husband when he joined the staff at Immanuel Baptist Church. They both grew up in Kentucky, and have three children: Adelaide (10), JB (7), and Baker (3). She has been teaching preschool for the last six years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Human Development and Leadership. Her three children keep her pretty busy, but when she has the time, she loves to travel, cook, and read. She has loved my time in the early childhood classroom, and she looks forward to being in the PreK classroom at Trinity.


Danielle Van Fleet is our new 3rd grade teacher. She will work beautifully with Mrs. Stone. Danielle is organized and enthusiastic in the classroom. She loves the Lord and is excited to teach in a Christian school and disciple the Lord's covenant children. She is an experienced and gifted elementary teacher who has taught for twelve years in the public school system. Danielle has a master's in reading, an ESL endorsement, and is completing a master's in piano performance. She loves to learn and loves to teach. We are blessed to have Danielle as a teacher at Trinity. She is truly "the best of the best!"


Brooks Ward is our new 6th grade history and English teacher. Brooks has taught in public schools for five years and has the reputation of being a gifted and engaging classroom teacher. He has such an infectious zeal for teaching and discipling children. Brooks has read many books on the classical approach and is convinced this is the best teaching method for children. Brooks loves the Lord and is a member of Hope Presbyterian, where he serves as a deacon. He is married and has one daughter. I am excited to have such a godly, young man teaching in our 6th grade. My 6th grade teachers will be the "dynamic duo!"

Upper School

by Anita Haddock

I’m excited to have each of the three gentlemen described below join the US faculty for several reasons.  First, their love for the Lord and for students is evident and has been consistently demonstrated in their lives.  Each of them values building relationships with students, which provides the foundation for learning in the classroom.  Second, each of them brings the right kind of expertise in their subject areas. Third, I believe they will fit into the US faculty team smoothly and contribute positively to our faculty and school culture.


Andrew Burton is bringing his instrumental expertise, ideas, and enthusiasm to our US Instrumental Ensemble and 7th-8th grade Digital Literacy classes.   He will build on what he has already begun at the LS and broaden our US instrumental offerings beyond stringed instruments, which will draw more students into the program.  He is well-versed in using digital technology and will help us create more opportunities for students to learn to use technology wisely and well.


Timothy Christian brings broad expertise and training at the doctoral level in biblical studies, classical rhetoric, and philosophy, and has taught courses in Latin and Greek.   On the side, he also studied jazz and plays many instruments!  He enjoys teaching middle schoolers and wants to be part of training and developing students’ minds to think and reason before they leave high school.  He’ll also teach the HS Yearbook class, which will use his skills in photography and graphic design.   


Felipe Vogel brings a blend of expertise and training in English language, literature, and classical studies, as well as Latin, history, and political science, which is perfect for Trinity’s high school English program. He is a skilled writer and has had several pieces published.  He enjoys teaching high school students and encouraging them to think deeply and reflectively “about the future, the past, and worlds that could be…ultimately toward a deeper communion with God.”


Leadership in 2019-20


For the 2019-20 school year, Robert Cunningham will continue to be the Interim Head of School as we seek the right candidate for the permanent Head of School position. However, he will not be alone in leading our school. The Trinity Board has hired a consulting team from the Society of Classical Learning to assist our leadership in their continued efforts to improve Trinity’s academics, administration, culture, governance, and more. Read below to learn more about this exciting team of consultants.


Eric Cook
Project Coordinator

Eric will to serve as Project Coordinator. He will make sure the improvement efforts are aligned, clear, and moving at the appropriate pace. He will work directly with Robert and the board to ensure alignment and vet any difficult decisions. As Project Coordinator, Eric will also make real time decisions with each consultant as needed, be accessible for Trinity board meetings, and communicate with Robert and the board chair as needed. 


Leslie Moeller
Governance Consultant

Leslie will serve as the lead on all of the board-related improvement efforts. She will consult the board on governance best practices and everything in the report that relates to “stability markers,” the board’s primary responsibilities to ensure long-term institutional viability. Helping the board develop a clear purpose for board member roles, establishing a Governance Committee, running efficient meetings, creating meaningful committee structures, learning how to interact with Head of School, etc. will be included in Leslie’s role. 


Jean Kim
Culture and Community

Jean will lead the culture and community project. She will evaluate the ethos among faculty, students, and the community at large. This project will include assessing communication, conflict resolution, shepherding, customer service, and the extent to which these important areas are aligned with the school’s vision for the culture of Trinity. 


Peter Baur
Advancement Consultant

Peter will lead the admission, marketing, and development team. He will assist in refining the school’s messaging, evaluating the admission process, building a development structure, and providing mentoring for the personnel in the department. 


David Diener
Academic Consultant

David will be the lead on the academic consulting. He will work with division Heads and lead teachers to address the items articulated in the report. David will also provide teacher training on classical education/pedagogy, assessment of evaluation systems, a vision for professional development, as well as feedback on curriculum development.