Trinity’s Brannon Project

Video ImageWe are thrilled to share the news about God’s direction and provision for our Brannon Campus. This page offers a window into the Phase 1 Planning Project, which is currently in progress.   Please join us in praying for God to bring the right people and resources forward to make this vision a reality!

We encourage you to pray for the following:

  1. Resources: Begin praying now for the coming fundraising process. God has big things in store for the Trinity community and will empower us to move forward in His timing.
  2. Sequence & Timing: There are many moving parts when planning such a large project. Pray for the committee to have God’s wisdom favor when coordinating all of these parts and stewarding the resources God provides.
  3. A new mission field: The East Brannon community is very young and about to explode! Trinity has a unique opportunity to play a significant role in helping to shape this emerging community. Pray for our community and leaders to anticipate its needs and desires as well as our role in serving.

Be sure to check below for updates on the development of our future Brannon Campus as they occur!

APR 2016 

Hayden/Integrity delivers a progress report on the Phase 1 Project at the Y’all Ball, our Spring 2016 Gala. This report includes a promotional video and several presentation boards depicting a revised site plan and depictions of the Upper School facilities and fields. (Please note that while these materials are accurate depictions of major elements, the project remains in progress and various details are subject to change as the project progresses towards completion.) Trinity continues to press towards a schematic design and completed budget for Phase 1 by the end of the summer.



MAR 2016 

The Hayden/Integrity team meets extensively with Trinity leaders and also spends two full days at Trinity’s current Upper School facility to learn about its unique life, culture, and education towards a revision of the site plan and to hone the strategic priorities for a Phase 1 design.

FEB 2016 

Trinity unveils the Comprehensive Master Plan at a Parent-Board Fellowship that displays a site plan depicting its vision for the full 45 acres at Brannon Road.

0       Brannon MP-3Da 2015-06-24       Brannon MP-3Db 2015-06-24

The Board envisions the new property to be built in phases.  Trinity partners with Hayden Company/Integrity Architecture on a Phase 1 project to develop plans, a budget, and rendering for an Upper School, which will include instructional spaces and necessary administrative offices, athletic fields, and parking for 7th-12th grade.

DEC 2015

Trinity purchases Lot 3 at a Master Commissioner’s auction. Generous donations by many enable Trinity to own 45 acres of prime real estate along East Brannon Road completely debt-free without using operational funds. The acquisition also helps to clear associated easement and access issues that presented real challenges to development.

AUG 2015

Trinity agrees to partner with Clotfelter-Samokar to produce a comprehensive master plan in light of its pursuit of a small adjoining lot, called Lot 3, to settle related easement and access issues related to the property.  David Somokar, current parent and principal of Clotfelter-Samokar, spends significant hours working with Trinity board, faculty, and staff over several months to hone the facilities vision and to develop such a plan.

SEP 2014

Trinity reveals a preliminary master plan for the 40.2 acres at the fall 2014 Parent-Board Fellowship and obtains a conditional use permit from the City of Nicholasville for the purpose of building a school on the property.  Meanwhile, Tates Creek Presbyterian communicates that the church will not need to repurpose the existing soccer field at this time.

old master plan

MAY 2014

Tates Creek Presbyterian Church communicates to the Trinity School Board that the existing soccer field may need to be repurposed in response to needs created by significant growth of the church and its ministries. The Board creates the Campus Development Committee to develop a preliminary Master Plan chiefly to locate a soccer field on its new property.

MAR 2013 

After a small set of donors approach Trinity with a desire to help acquire land for a future campus, the donors acquire 40 acres near Brannon Crossing and donate it to Trinity.

JUL 2012

Trinity formulates a Development Committee and hires a part-time Development Coordinator to assist its new Headmaster in establishing an annual fund, the foundation for philanthropic initiatives, and in marshaling resources needed towards its vision.