Have a good photo? Share it with Trinity!

Photos are needed for a variety of purposes at Trinity.  Yearbook needs photos. Marketing needs photos.  The website needs photos.  Sports needs photos.  Here’s how you, the parent, can help.  Whenever you are at an event, and you get a decent photo (or multiple photos) with your phone or a camera, share it with us!  You can email it to us, or upload directly to our photo repository, SmugMug.  Here’s how:

  1. Email the photo to photos@trinitylex.org.  Please include the event name and date, and a short description if you’d like.
  2. Upload the photo directly to SmugMug using the links below.

Don’t quite know which link to use? Use any of them – we can move the photos to the correct category on the back end.

Fall Concert
Spring Concert
Lower School Misc.
Upper School Misc.
Fall Sports
Winter Sports
Spring Sports