2017-18 Board Committees and Chairs

Executive Committee – Kelly Holt

Finance Committee – Ken Littrell

*Development Committee – Tommy Ogden

Personnel – Kelly Holt

*Committees open to parent involvement


2017-18 Leadership Team

Diana Clark: Director of Development

Melissa Feaster: Director of Business Operations

Anita Haddock: Director of Academics / Upper School Principal

Vicki White: Director of Admissions / Lower School Principal

Chuck Workman: Athletic Director


Operational Committees and Contacts

Admissions Committee – Vicki White

*Athletics Committee – Chuck Workman

*Curriculum Committee – Anita Haddock

Facilities Committee – Melissa Feaster

Fine Arts Committee – Anita Haddock

*Gala Committee – Diana Clark

*Golf Scramble Committee – Diana Clark

*Marketing and Public Relations Committee – Stan Ferguson

*School Life Committee – Vicki White

*Technology Committee – Melissa Feaster

Tuition Assistance Committee – Melissa Feaster

*Committees open to parent involvement