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Congratulations to the Archery team for winning this year’s first ever KCAA Archery State Championship Match. Because the KCAA does not recognize Archery yet as a KCAA sponsored sport, Trinity defeated other KCAA schools for the 2017-18 “bragging rights.”  


High School – KCAA State Championship Bragging Rights Trinity 

Middle School – KCAA State Championship Bragging Rights. Trinity 

Individual Results:
  • Nicholas Rowe – 1st place high school
  • Jacob Coffey – 3rd place high school
  • Jacob Leach – 5th place high school
  • Sophia Van Engen – Girls’ Best Overall
  • Keeton Randle – 2nd place middle school
  • Noah Tatchell – 3rd place middle school
  • Josiah Straith – 4th place middle school
  • Elena Hopper – 2nd place elementary school
  • Aiden King – 4th place elementary school
  • Annabelle Calihan – 5th place elementary school
Congratulations on a great season!