Trinity 2018-2019 Year at a Glance Calendar

Trinity 2017-2018  Year at a Glance Calendar


2017-2018 Highlights


  • Trinity will generally follow Fayette County’s Academic Calendar (semesters, spring break, etc.)
  • Trinity will start on the same day as Fayette County.  
  • Trinity will exceed state law requirements for 1,062 instructional hours plus eight days of in-service/admin for teachers per academic year
  • LS faculty are strongly committed to recess being considered part of the instructional hours and are producing a well-researched document justifying the assertion
  • The total of Trinity’s excess instructional hours is equivalent to at least four days; potential inclement weather make-up days in excess of this amount would include February 16, February 19, and March 17.


  • Open House is now incorporated into the morning of the first day of school, which is now a full day of school for everyone. (All required back-to-school forms will be submitted online.)


  • Fall Break day will be October 13, 16, and 17, replacing a Lower School Parent-Teacher Conference day. Documented parent-teacher conferences continue to be required for all students for the first quarter. This change was made, however, to increase flexibility for parents to meet with teachers. Lower School teachers will schedule conferences with parents during the best time between mid-quarter and the week following the end of the first quarter. The Upper School teachers will schedule a conference if needed after quarter 1 ends.  Feel free to contact US Teachers if you would like to meet with them regarding your child’s progress. 


  • The last day of Quarter 2 for Middle School is now December 21, which follows the High School schedule.  


  • School will resume on Monday, January 8, 2018, since New Year’s Day falls on a Monday.  


  • The last day of Quarter 4 for Middle School is now May 24, which follows the High School schedule; the Lower School has a half-day on May 25, which is also a make-up exam day for High School.