True to the Word of God3 boys

At Trinity Christian Academy, “Bible” is not simply a class our students take; the Bible is foundational for all learning, and we recognize it as the final authority in matters of life and thought. Students are encouraged to develop a worldview that integrates Christian faith with all areas of learning. We believe that early development of a love of learning in the context of a relationship with Jesus Christ will provide a solid foundation for a responsible and joyful life.

We take the Scriptures seriously and consider learning about God and His character more than an academic exercise; for us, it is a lifestyle that we imperfectly, but faithfully, seek to embody. We strive to maintain a welcoming, nurturing, inspiring school community where parents, children, teachers, staff, and Board are devoted to one another and involved in the life of the school, creating a supportive family environment. It is the kind of atmosphere that fosters godly character, encourages support of struggling members, and reflects God’s love for the world.