True to the Classical Tradition

Ashton and BellaTrinity’s curriculum focuses on inspiring children to love learning. To accomplish this goal, we employ a classical curriculum that is grounded in Scripture and centered around the natural development of the child. A classical curriculum teaches not just facts, but how to think, and then how to communicate and apply that thinking with wisdom and eloquence.

Classical education is a time-tested method of instruction based on the trivium, or three natural stages of intellectual development: grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

Grammar: In the grammar stage, children are eager to learn facts and can readily and easily memorize them through the creative use of songs, chants, recitations, and the like. During this stage children build a strong foundation of factual knowledge.

Logic/Dialectic: In the logic, or dialectic, stage, children are naturally inclined to question and argue. During this stage students learn how to use those tendencies to research, examine, and debate thoughts and ideas.

Rhetoric: In the rhetoric stage, children are becoming more mature and better able to express themselves. During this stage, students learn how to use their foundation of facts and logic to clearly and persuasively express and defend their opinions in both oral and written communications.