Is It Affordable?

Private school education is sometimes perceived as too expensive, but an education from Trinity Christian Academy is an investment that lasts an eternity, and it is much more affordable than you might think!

  • Tuition is inclusive of textbooks and other costs such as field trips.
  • Need-based financial aid is available.
  • Different payment plans are available to aid in budgeting.
  • A high percentage of our graduates receive college scholarship awards.

Does Trinity Use the Common Core?

Trinity Christian Academy does not follow the Common Core Standards (CCS).  Since the foundation of our school, we have established our own standards and learning goals for students and sought curricula that best meets our standards.  We have a process in place to regularly review our curricula and update it as needed.  When it is determined that new curriculum is necessary in a particular content area, we carefully and thoroughly review many possibilities and then select the one that is the best fit with Trinity’s standards.

One feature of the classical approach to education is that it does not rely on one textbook to supply the content for a subject area.  Teachers use different materials from a variety of sources in every content area, as well as integrating and connecting content areas, to teach students in their classes.  Trinity students receive much more than what is contained in the CCS, especially when one considers that students are learning content in the context of a Christian worldview.