Welcome to Trinity

Thank you for your interest in Trinity Christian Academy. Please consider visiting the school to experience our unique values and student culture. We are a safe and welcoming community; one that embodies a strong sense of family. Parents are involved and energized. Students are loved, encouraged, and inspired to learn and to embrace their world and future.

Trinity’s academic program is superior, designed to transcend a mere transfer of information to teach the art and love of learning. We are distinctively classical in approach, meaning we see learning as integrated, hands-on, and oriented towards developing students’ abilities to think critically, communicate persuasively, and live virtuously.

More importantly, however, Trinity’s entire culture is thoroughly integrated around a Christian worldview. Many Christian schools claim this as a core value, but a scan of our curriculum and a visit to our community will reveal the significance this carries in our approach. The Christian worldview teaches all truth is God’s truth; skillfulness is worthless without moral grounding (the ability to know and live a good life); and every student has been given both a particular calling and set of gifts from God to utilize for the common good and for His glory. This shapes the unique nature of our educational community, which is to help students discover more and more of God, His world, themselves, and their part in His Grand Story.

Thank you again for your interest. Please feel free to phone us and ask for Tory Tanaka, our Admissions Coordinator. She will answer any questions you may have and will arrange a tour for you. We look forward to hearing from you.