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First things first, let’s all join together and congratulate the class of 2016 for getting $5 million in scholarship offers, which averages to $165,00 for each student. Everyone at Trinity Christian Academy is proud of you and wish you much success in the near future. Secondly, here at Trinity Christian Academy we take great pride in providing high quality education, safe school environments, and various extracurricular activities to enhance each student’s academic experience. In this article, we are going to outline 7 reasons why Trinity Christian Academy should be a top pick for parents who desire to put their children in a learning environment where they can flourish and reach their full potential.

1. Accreditation
Trinity Christian Academy has been accredited by the Kentucky Non-public Schools Commission and the Society for Classical Learning, which validates the high standards and strict guidelines for this school’s operations. We only hire the best teachers, use the best curriculum, and give each student the attention he or she needs. Furthermore, every aspect of this school is run at a high level, thanks to faculty and staff who are passionate about the work they do.

2.Classical Approach to Teaching
Trinity Christian Academy takes a classical approach to education by putting an emphasis on teaching students critical thinking and virtue. Our teachers don’t simply repeat information read in a book. We are hands on and incorporate various learning techniques that cater to the needs of each individual student.

3. Extracurricular Activities
At Trinity Christian Academy, we have fine arts, athletics, and more. Our sports program includes baseball, soccer, volleyball, golf, archery, softball, cheerleading, cross country, track and field, and basketball. Our fine arts program includes drama, instrumental music, vocal music, and art. In addition, our school offers both service and academic clubs.

4. Small Class Sizes
Here at Trinity Christian Academy we believe that smaller classes are more effective when it comes to teacher and student interaction. That is why the typical class size is 15 students per classroom. This size gives teachers the chance to communicate and connect with each student on an individual basis.

5. Diverse Curriculum
Trinity Christian Academy’s curriculum includes math, history, science, Bible, fine arts, language arts, foreign language, logic, rhetoric, and physical education. Having the right curriculum grooms students for success and gives them the tools to excel at the highest levels. Our curriculum prepares students to be confident public speakers and leaders of their generation, using logic, persuasive writing, and critical thinking. Trinity Christian Academy’s main goal is preparing every student for a productive and successful future.

6. Scholarships
Trinity Christian Academy’s class of 2016 is evidence of how well we prepare each student for the future. The 30 graduates that made up the class of 2016 received more than $5 million in academic scholarships, which averages to $165,000 per student. Other private schools in the Lexington area rarely come close to Trinity Christian Academy when it comes to the scholarships offered to our graduates. This is a testament to the quality of our teaching methods.

7.Guaranteed Safety on Campus
Providing a safe environment for our students, faculty, and families is a top priority at Trinity Christian Academy. Our entry system and on-site surveillance system are regularly reviewed and enhanced to ensure that our students always remain safe.